IDOE records indicate that local educational agencies (LEAs) currently have significant unspent FY 2022 Part B and ARP grant balances. These funds may already be encumbered, but the LEA has not requested reimbursement from these grant funds. There are 11 instructional days remaining to spend FY 2022 Part B funds prior to encumbering these four active grants (611, 619, ARP 611, and ARP 619) on Saturday, September 30. LEAs should note the following:

  • All FY22 Part B and ARP modification requests must be emailed to IDOE’s Part B grant team by today, Friday, September 15.
  • Following waiver approval, a Part B grant budget modification request is required to transfer funds among budget scopes and must be submitted by today, Friday, September 15.

Contact IDOE’s Part B grant team with any questions.