Indiana Learns is a statewide microgrant program dedicated to empowering families of qualifying fourth and fifth grade students with grants to select from out-of-school tutoring options in reading and math. These tutoring options will be provided through an network of learning partners, vetted and approved to support students. Indiana Learns is now accepting applications to serve as a learning partner. Learning partner applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed for approval monthly. Schools or school corporations may apply to serve as learning partners when they become Champion Plus partners by providing a match of $250 of federal funds per eligible student. This match will allow eligible students to receive $1,000 toward academic recovery. In order to be included in the initial round of Champion Plus partners, you must notify Indiana Learns by tomorrow, Saturday, October 1, though applications will be accepted for future rolling approvals Contact Seana Murphy with Indiana Learns or IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with any questions.